Have a Coke and a Warbird

During the Second World War Coca-Cola released a gallery of US warplane posters. They were all painted by the American artist William John Heaslip who was famous for his aviation related advertisements. The prints were 33cm x 38cm and probably spruced up the bedroom of many American boys.

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    • admin says:


      Thanks, that’s a good idea. I’ll see if I get time tomorrow.


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  1. Fred says:

    I was wondering if you have ever come across the hard bound edition of all the color airplane artwork done for Coca Cola during WWII by William Heaslip and others ?
    The first editon would have been published around 1945, possibly only as a library reference book.
    A second editon was being offered by a bargain book company in their paper back catalog in the mid 1980′s for only about a year. I did not see it being offered after the spring time of 1987.
    Since then the only other published book or booklet actually has been the 1943 miniature soft bound edition titled “Know Your War Planes” showing up on ebay about once a week for various prices and conditions of wear.
    I hope to find at least the bibliography of a second hard bound complete editon some time soon.
    Thank you for any help you are able to offer to me.


    Fred P.

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